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Carpeting comes in four basic styles:  Loop, Pattern, Texture, and Twist.   Each style has many variations.  We will help you select the proper style of carpeting to meet your needs.   The top row of pictures shows examples of each of the four basic styles.

Carpeting comes in a rainbow of colors and shades.  We have inserted pictures to show a few of the shades in the three most popular carpeting colors.  There is no way we can begin to show you all the shades in all the colors.  Let us bring the samples to you, so you can see how the colors look in your home or office.

The last image is of sparkle carpet.  In the black sample it is easy to see the treads that will reflect light and make the carpet stand out.  The beige sample has just as many sparkle threads and does just as good a job lightening up a room.

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