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Hardwood and Laminate

Wooden floors are seen as a beautiful and durable.  And they are.

Hardwood flooring comes in three basic formats.  Solid wood, engineered wood, and laminates.  The solid wood floor is available in many domestic and imported exotic woods, such as cherry, acacia, eucalyptus, and walnut.

The engineered wood floor has a layer of wood fused on to layers of plywood or foam.  It offers:

      Beauty and durability
      Greater flexibility in the floor (great when you walk on it),
      Easier maintenance and cleaning, and
      Wide range of styles

Laminate floors simulate wood or stone with great skill.  They are very easy to maintain, and come a wide variety of colors and designs.

All hardwood floors come in smooth and textured (or distressed) styles.  The first two pictures in this gallery show those styles, the rest of the pictures show a few of the multitude of colors and designs available.   Let us bring some samples to your home or office.


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